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Affiliate Program Operations

This Affiliate Program Operating Agreement (the "Agreement") is made and entered into between Skintreasure AS (reg.no. 918322337) ("Old Bastards Tattoo") and you ("Affiliate").

  1. Affiliate Program Tracking
    1. The Affiliate will implement a tracking link generated in the Program Operating System (APS)
    2. Detailed traffic reports are available to the Affiliate within the APS
  2. Invoice
    1. Old Bastards Tattoo will provide the affiliate with monthly traffic reports. The affiliate can access the reports when logged in to the APS.
    2. Invoice totals less than 500 NOK/month will be carried over to the next month.
    3. The Affiliate shall validate the reports and invoice Old Bastards Tattoo within 10 days after the end of month. The due date of the invoice is 30 days after the invoice date.
    4. The traffic data is based on the tracking used within the APS and implemented by the Affiliate.
  3. Quality Assurance
    1. The Affiliate is not liable for any losses arising from the commission of sales leads to Old Bastards Tattoo.
    2. In all cases the Marketing Partner will do its utmost to deliver high quality Sales Leads to the Affiliate.
  4. Marketing
    1. The Affiliate will generate Sales leads for Old Bastards Tattoo.
    2. The Affiliate and Client will cooperate on marketing campaigns, aimed at specific target groups, promotions and marketing messages.
    3. Old Bastards Tattoo may alter or terminate a campaign at any time by disabling links in the APS. Affiliates will receive notice of this.
    4. The Affiliate may engage (a) third party (parties) for the performance of this Agreement. In such cases the Affiliate shall institute necessary controls to ensure that the third party is fully compliant with the terms of this agreement, in particular rules and regulations that apply to the markets they operate in.
    5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Adwords and Social Media Marketing is allowed when marketing Old Bastards Tattoo’s services. However, bidding on the Affiliates brand name “Old Bastards Tattoo” is not allowed.
    6. All SMS/email campaigns must by law have an “opt-out” link. Affiliate cannot SPAM or target people without their consent.
    7. The Affiliate shall refrain from conduct that may materially damage the reputation of Old Bastards Tattoo.
  5. Commission and Sales Lead Criteria
    1. The commission schedule is shown in the account Overveiw
    2. The commission schedule may be changed at any time during the duration of this agreement, in which case the affiliate will be notified. The new schedule will render all prior schedules invalid.
    3. Specific Fees and terms within the schedule may be changed from time to time within an existing schedule, e.g. for specific campaign periods. The Affiliate will be notified in such circumstances.
    4. The commission for any sale of tattoo designs through your link will be approved only when the service is completed.
  6. Rules and regulations
    1. 6.1 The Affiliate and any third parties must at all times strictly adhere to the marketing laws "Lov om kontroll med markedsføring og avtalevilkår mv. (markedsføringsloven)", including regulations and guidelines as regulated by Norwegian law and regulatory bodies such as Forbrukertilsynet and various other applicable governing bodies and organizations.
  7. Confidentiality
    1. In the event that any information is disclosed to the Affiliate and its affiliate members/publishers through the Affiliate and its affiliate members/publishers participation in the Affiliate related in any way to the Client company and business which Old Bastards Tattoo deem to be confidential and proprietary, the Affiliate and its affiliate members/publishers agrees to hold such information in the strictest of confidence and not to disclose such information to any other party or to use any such information for the Affiliate and its affiliate members/publishers own purposes.
    2. Confidential information will include any information regarding Old Bastards Tattoo changes or modifications to this Agreement or this APS (which Old Bastards Tattoo shall have no obligation to make) or any special treatment that the Affiliate and its affiliate members/publishers may receive (which Old Bastards Tattoo reserves the right to provide in its sole discretion to the Affiliate. Confidential information shall also include any and all information related to Old Bastards Tattoo’ business, business plans, marketing plans, user statistics, financial information, pricing, profits, membership information, affiliations, sales information, and all other information which Old Bastards Tattoo considers to be confidential and proprietary.
  8. Termination
    1. Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time with forty-eight (48) hours written notice to the other party.
    2. Specifically, Old Bastards Tattoo can terminate the agreement with immediate effect if the Affiliate is in breach of the rules and regulations herein or has exhibited conducted such that Old Bastards Tattoo has been materially or reputationally damaged.
    3. Upon termination the Affiliate shall remove all Links, Media, and other references to Old Bastards Tattoo.
    4. In case of a termination Old Bastards Tattoos has the right to withhold final commission payments until such a time that all commission generating leads have materialised, for whatever reason, the Affiliate has an outstanding debt to Old Bastards Tattoo or is liable to damages due to infringement of the terms of this contract, this shall be deducted from the final payment. If the Affiliates debt or possible damage exceeds the final payment, Old Bastards Tattoo shall have the legal right to be reimbursed for the outstanding amount.
  9. Marketing material, trademarks and copyrights
    1. The Marketing Partner and its network of affiliate members/publishers will have a non-exclusive, limited term license to use the trademarks, logos, and copyrighted material that Old Bastards Tattoo has provided to the Marketing Partner. The Marketing Partner may only use the images, advertising banners and other marketing material that Old Bastards Tattoo specifically makes available to the Marketing Partner and its affiliate members/publishers at the area of its web site that is specifically designated as approved marketing material for use in marketing on behalf of Old Bastards Tattoo. The Marketing Partner may not distribute, reproduce, modify, amend, these images in any way. The Marketing Partner may use these images only for the purposes of promoting Old Bastards Tattoo’ web site. The Marketing Partner and its affiliate members/publishers may request to modify and produce marketing materials on behalf of Old Bastards Tattoo, and such requests must be made in writing to Old Bastards Tattoo along with proposed new marketing material to be approved or disapproved by Old Bastards Tattoo.
    2. The Marketing Partner agrees that Old Bastards Tattoo retains all rights, title and interest in and to all new materials that is produced on behalf of Old Bastards Tattoo. Old Bastards Tattoo will retain all goodwill and other value associated with any of these materials. The Marketing Partner or its affiliate members/publishers will not gain any trademark, copyright or other proprietary rights to such materials. The Marketing Partner agrees not to take any action that is contrary to or inconsistent with Old Bastards Tattoo’ rights to these materials. The Marketing Partner will not use these materials in any way that is damaging, defamatory, disparaging, derogatory, or negative to Old Bastards Tattoo or that paints Old Bastards Tattoo in a false or negative light. Upon termination or revocation, the Marketing Partner will immediately cease from any use of this material.
  10. Service availability
    1. Old Bastards Tattoo cannot guarantee availability of the service or the term of any price or special promotion or offer.
  11. Liabilities
    1. Old Bastards Tattoo hereby disclaims any warranties and liabilities related to any downtime or failure for users to be able to access its web site or to access its web site using the link from the Marketing Partner’s and its affiliate members/publishers web sites. Furthermore, Old Bastards Tattoo shall not be responsible for and hereby disclaims any and all warranties related to its web site, the marketing program, the Marketing Partner’s and its affiliate members/publishers participation in the marketing program, the Marketing Partner’s and its affiliate members/publishers ability to make any commissions or otherwise profit through participation in this marketing program, including but not limited to any warranties of fitness for any particular purpose or merchantability, non-infringement, or any claim made based upon Old Bastards Tattoo’s course of dealing or usage of trade.
    2. Old Bastards Tattoo does not represent or warrant that its web site, including but not limited to its link tracking features, will be error free or that they will function without interruption.
    3. Old Bastards Tattoo shall not be responsible for any direct or indirect damages or liabilities of any nature, including but not limited to incidental, consequential, indirect, or special damages, loss profits, lost business opportunity or any other damages; regardless of whether Old Bastards Tattoo was or have been advised of the possibility of the same and took no action to prevent the same.
    4. Without limiting the forgoing, Old Bastards Tattoo total liability for any damages arising hereunder shall never exceed the total commissions paid and payable by Old Bastards Tattoo pursuant to the terms hereof.
  12. Governing law
    1. This Agreement shall be interpreted under the laws of Norway. Any and all legal actions relative hereto shall be in the courts of Norway.

Appendix: Commission schedule

Commission fees may be public to the Affiliate through ASP upon sign-up. This also applies to fees pertaining to specific campaigns.

To qualify for commission, a sales lead must meet the following criteria:

  1. Minimum age: 18.
  2. Applicant must have a valid Norwegian social security number (not D number).


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