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Translated from Norwegian. Only the terms and conditions and information in Norwegian are to apply. This information shall not be recognized as legally binding material and has been prepared for the sole purpose of understanding the content of the Norwegian versions of the terms of service and warranty.

Terms of service




1. General

The terms and conditions apply to booking of tattoo services from Skintreasure AS "Old Bastards Tattoo" to consumers.

The terms of service together with your booking and booking confirmation will constitute a total contractual basis for the booking.

2. Booking and appointment process

Your booking is binding when the appointment is registered with us. We are also bound by your booking, unless canceled by you or us, read more about cancellation in item 3. Cancellation of tattoo appointment

When we receive your booking, we will confirm the appointment and send you a booking confirmation by text and email. Please read through the booking confirmation once you receive it and check if the booking confirmation is in accordance with the booking.

We reserve the right to cancel appointments based on illness, technical failure and the like. The customer will be notified of this as soon as possible. If the tattoo artist is delayed to the appointment, the delay is considered as waiting time and the conditions mentioned in 6. Waiting time is applicable in these cases.

We also reserve the right to cancel tattoo appointments if you meet under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or if the performance of the tattoo can endanger your own or others' health due to your condition. Tattoo appointments we have to cancel based on such cases, you will be charged for, because you should understand that it may be important for performing tattoos and risks associated with tattooing.

3. Cancellation of tattoo appointment

Cancellation of tattoo appointments must be done no later than 24 hours before the tattoo appointments begins. Tattoo appointments on Mondays must be canceled no later than Saturday before 12:00. Cancellation of appointments must only be done from the cancellation form, or by calling 22 73 03 01 during our opening hours. Cancellations by email, social media or text message are not accepted

If you cancel your tattoo appointment after the cancellation deadline expires, you must pay for the entire appointment. If canceled after the cancellation period, you can enter into a payment agreement with us, fees may apply depending on the method of payment you choose and any maturity. If you do not wish to enter into a payment agreement with us, it may result in Outlays-fee, see 9. Outlay-fee.

Appointments booked outside the cancellation deadline can be canceled free of charge within 1 hour after the appointment was booked.

After a tattoo appointment is canceled, appointment status changes to "Canceled." The tattoo appointment is then canceled and can not be changed after this, you are not entitled to the tattoo appointment after it's canceled, regardless of whether you canceled the tattoo appointment before or after the cancellation period expired, or if you have to pay for the tattoo appointment or not.

Exceptions to cancellation after the deadline

If you are prevented from meeting the appointment due to illness, serious injury or serious accident, or if your child, registered partner, cohabitant or close family is exposed to serious illness, injury or accident. Must a valid and stamped Medical certificate or other documentation be displayed in the studio within 7 business days from the date of appointment. You will not be charged for the appointment.

The exception does not apply to sickness absence from the appointment, without notice at the latest 4 hours before the tattoo hour.

There are separate conditions for cancellation for customers who have paid the security deposit, see 8. Deposit

4. Customers who meet late for the tattoo appointment

The tattooist waits for 15 minutes, after this the customer is considered "not met" and has no clain for the tattoo appointment. If the customer has notified the delay in advance, or informs about the delay when we attempt to contact the customer, the tattooist waits for up to 60 minutes if the appointment not will result in waiting time for other customers. The waiting time for the tattooist will be charged to the customer as an extra tattoo hour if the tattooist waits for over 15 minutes.

5. Absence from appointment

In case of absence from the tattoo appointment, you must pay for the entire tattoo appointment and an Outlays-fee.

6. Latency

Waiting time may occur. If the waiting time is longer than 30 minutes, the tattooist must inform the customer in advance of the appointment. The tattooist must inform the customer about the estimated waiting time. If the waiting time exceeds 60 minutes, the customer has the right to cancel the appointment without being charged for the appointment. The customer may also choose to appoint a new appointment unless the customer agrees to the waiting time. The customer will not be charged for the waiting time.

7. Payment

Tattoo appointments shall be paid in the studio after the tattoo appointment is complete, you can pay by cash and / or by credit card.

If you cancel your tattoo appointment after the cancellation deadline, you can make a payment agreement with us. You can choose between invoice by e-mail, E-invoice, deduction or payment over the phone. With invoice on e-mail or E-invoice you can choose between due dates 7, 14 or 31 days. By deduction, you can divide the payment for up to 4 installments, due on the 25th of each month. In case of payment over the phone, we will contact you and request card details. If you do not wish to enter into a payment agreement, due date will be automatically set for 1 day, as well as a surcharge fee, see 9. Outlays-fee

8. Deposit

With some of our tattoo artists, a deposit of 40% must be paid before the agreement can be made.

The deposit is deducted from the total amount upon payment

Cancellation / Refund

Before 48 hours: 100%
After 48 hours: 60%
After 24 hours: 0%

3. Cancellation of tattoo appointments applies to tattoo hours that are canceled after the 24-hour deadline, the deposit is deducted from the total amount billed. In case of absence of the tattoo appointment 5. Absence from appointment applies, the deposit is deducted from the total amount billed

9. Outlays-fee

Outlays-fee is a fee charged to the customer in cases where the customer cancels the tattoo appointment after the cancellation deadline and does not wish to enter into a payment agreement, or in case of absence from the tattoo appointment or violation of the payment agreement

Outlays-fee rates

Amounts                     fee
Under 2000 kr:           200 kr
2000 kr - 4000 kr:       800 kr
4000 kr - 6000 kr:       1200 kr
6000 kr - 8000 kr:       1800 kr
Over 8000 kr:              2500 kr

10. Disputes and law choices

Disputes relating to the terms and conditions, as well as disputes that otherwise concern booking, cancellations after deadline and absence of appointments follow Norwegian law and belong to the ordinary dispute resolution bodies and courts, with Oslo District Court as a court of defense for possible court proceedings.



There is a 6 month warranty on tattoos from the date of purchase.
The warranty covers free repair / overhaul of the tattoo in case of damage / missing details in the tattoo,
or if the tattoo has faded abnormally. If you experience complications with the tattoo such as allergic reactions, inflammation, infections
and such, you must report to Old Bastard's Tattoo as soon as possible 
for further guidance and treatment! (We will refer to a doctor if necessary)

There are 1 month warranty on tattoos placed in wear areas such as;
hands, fingers, elbows, knees and feet.

The warranty will be terminated if Old Bastard's aftercare instructions are not followed or by own negligence,
and if the obligation to provide information in the consent form is not observed.

What happens if I do not meet up to a appointment for repair / overhaul?
If you have booked a appointment for repair / overhaul, and do not meet or cancel
the appointment after the cancellation deadline, the warranty will be terminated. In case of illness, a medical certificate
must be submitted within 
7 working days from the first day of sickness, then the warranty will still be valid.

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